Our company mego - A. & E. Paparitsidis O.E. operates in Mykonos for the last eleven years in studies, service of air conditioners and other electromechanical systems. 

Established by Anthony and Eleftherios Paparitsidis. The first is a qualified Mechanical Engineer, primarily engaged in the design and supervision of civil works while the second is a graduate of cooling, plumber and lead of the installation crews.

Purpose of the company is to implement engineering projects of air conditioning, ventilation, solar systems, professional kitchen and industrial laundry.

Our company has the right equipment for manufacturing airways parts, implementing also their installation. Simultaneously we cooperate with our own cooling systems technicians, plumbers and electricians for the final realization of the plant. Our experience both in the air conditioning sector and in the heating sector makes us responsible for the proper operation of your business area.

The company's offices are located in the old port of Mykonos, where we have a technologically sophisticated space having applied all the solutions that we propose to our own customers so they can see in practice the systems that will be installed.

The company, besides undertaking the act of equipping the residential sites with mechanical equipment is also in the buisness of industrial spaces such as hotels with requirements of large-scale installations. In addition of residential installations some of our company's projects in Mykonos are: PIRAEUS BANK complete installation, Bank ALPHA BANK AND CITIBANK part of projects and maintenance. Hotel CAVOTAGOO, hotel SEMELI, hotel MYKONIAN MARE RESORT, hotel OSTRAKO, hotel PELICAN, hotel VENCIA. These projects reflect the great experience of our company and its efficacy in treating even the most highly technical work in Mykonos due to the fact the existing residential and urban peculiarities require long presence and experience of companies like ours in the local market in order to meet the increased requirements of specialized engineering projects.