Welcome to our web site.

Mego company with extensive experience in sales and service of air conditioners, heat pumps and other mechanical equipment offers solutions for the home and workplace level:

  • Air conditioning Systems, VRV and Air Ducts.
  • Home heating with heat pumps of very low consumption.
  • Hot water systems with a combination of solar energy and heat pumps.
  • Design and Installation of Fire Protection
  • Design and Installation of energy saving systems
  • Installation for Gas and Gas Detection
  • Installation of Coldrooms
  • Automatic fire extinguishing with bonpet ampoules
  • Commercial kitchen, catering and bar
  • Linen Systems (laundry) with washers, dryers and ironers

For all these systems an offer is never enough. It requires a study by experienced engineers and installation by qualified technicians.

Our goal is to minimize the operating cost of your installation in conjunction with the maximum efficiency which is required by the competition inside the tourism industry.

Our company is here for you and do not hesitate to contact us to recommend solutions of financial performance and duration.